Additional Football Equipment

Since safety is a prime consideration, players will almost always wear other protective gear as well to prevent injuries from occurring. Hip pads and tailbone pads are meant to protect the hip area, the pelvis and the tailbone. Players wear a girdle under their pants and the pads are inserted into pockets provided in the inner sides of the pants.

Collisions and blows are common during football matches. Mouth guards protect the mouth area from damage during play. They also act as an additional protection against concussion. These are crescent shaped or half circle shaped devices with a strap to help the player tie it around his face mask. Mouth guards soften in warm water and then can be put in the mouth to form a protective mold around the teeth and gums.

Receivers and linesmen wear gloves. Receivers use gloves with a sticky surface while linesmen wear padded gloves to protect their fingers when tackled and when someone steps on their hands.

An equipment manager plays a vital role in a football team. He outfits each player individually to ensure he is fully protected. He is also responsible to maintain the equipments and restock when needed. He has to manage the equipment when the team is on the road to participate in games. It is a tough job for him to manage each individual piece for a player and to keep track.



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