Main Football Equipment

The helmet and shoulder pads are the main protective equipment. The helmet is made to measure to fit an individual player's head perfectly. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment with a shell, jaw pads, air bladders, chin strap, mouth guard and a face mask. While the shell is made of reinforced plastic, the face mask is made of steel bars with at least 15 variations in design. Today's quarterback's helmets have radio communication facility to let coaches coordinate with the team in a noisy stadium environment. Eyeshields help protect eyes from injuries and glare and it is for a player to choose to wear a visor. An inflator bulb blows up air pads inside the helmet and holds it closely and firmly in place. Helmets carry team colors and logo.

Shoulder pads are designed from a hard material, preferably plastic with a lining of foam padding and these cover the chest and ribs, secured in place with buckles. They are designed to absorb the impact shocks and distribute it through the pads. Quarterbacks may wear lighter pads whereas linesmen wear pads with almost no epaulettes or flaps. To ensure best fit and performance, these shoulder pads are usually customized to the player's measurements and spine and rib protectors may further enhance protection for the body. Today's shoulder pads have holes for free air movement. A team usually keeps about a dozen different styles handy to suit players and help them move freely without feeling encumbered.



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