Football Equipment

American football is a very physical sport and tackles can sometimes lead to injuries. Players are selected for their size, strength and speed. When someone is tackled and is brought down, he is very vulnerable if not protected by the right equipments. Protective gear forms a major part of American football player's wear. Unlike baseball where players wear minimal protection, a football player, by contrast has to wear protective items from head to toe.

Over the years, an entire industry has come up, catering exclusively to providing highly researched and effective protective gear. A football player dons protective equipment like helmets, shoulder pads, jockstrap, thigh pads, knee pads, neck rolls, elbow pads, mouth guards, rib pads, tailbone pads, covering all parts of his body. Specialist companies make the protective equipments using durable and shock resistant synthetic plastic materials. Of such importance is the protective equipment that each team has an equipment manager overseeing equipments and nothing else.


Secondary Football Equipment

While the helmet and shoulder pads are important, no less important is the jockstrap. It is made of an elastic material with the pouch made of elasticized cotton . Wide straps of elastic fitted to the pouch on the left and right hand side make a complete thong. The pouch may also be made of hard material to withstand sudden impacts like a blow. The jersey is usually made of nylon but has stretch...


Additional Football Equipment

Since safety is a prime consideration, players will almost always wear other protective gear as well to prevent injuries from occurring. Hip pads and tailbone pads are meant to protect the hip area, the pelvis and the tailbone. Players wear a girdle under their pants and the pads are inserted into pockets provided in the inner sides of the pants. Collisions and blows are common during football m...


Main Football Equipment

The helmet and shoulder pads are the main protective equipment. The helmet is made to measure to fit an individual player's head perfectly. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment with a shell, jaw pads, air bladders, chin strap, mouth guard and a face mask. While the shell is made of reinforced plastic, the face mask is made of steel bars with at least 15 variations in design. Today's...


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