Football Techniques

Depending on the strengths of the players of his team and a strategic evaluation of the opponent's strength and weaknesses, a coach decides on the best techniques to be adopted during gameplay. A team on the offense will use a variety of techniques and strategies that include lateral movement, draw play, end around, flexbone formation, hurry up offense, option runs, spike, sweep, trick plays, rushes, passes and wildcat formations in an effort to score.

The defense counters with tackles, sacks, stunts, zone blitzes, rushes and blitzes. Since there are four breaks in a game, the coach and the team can get together to develop a strategy, modify it or change tactics that will get them results, considering the opponent's play. Time remaining for the play, their score standings and the opponent's defense strategy will influence such locker room technique modifications aimed at improving the team's position and scores. The defending team sets up countermeasures to prevent the offensive team from scoring.


Football Offense

A coach may line up his team in a particular formation according to the situation of the game. Players use various passing tactics and techniques to confuse the defenders. Most commonly used formations are the shotgun formation, the wishbone formation, the "I", the single wing, the goal line, the wildcat and the pistol formation. The quarterback invariably gives the signal for start of...


Football Overview

American football is a very tough and challenging game, with a lot of hard and bruising physical tackles involved and it calls for strength, speed and agility. However, physical attributes alone do not ensure a win. It is quick, out-of-the-box thinking on the part of the players that helps them create openings and score. This is where years of training and practice as also playing in top leagues...


Football Defense

The aim of the defending side is to prevent offense from advancing and scoring. This is done by taking the ball away or preventing the players from advancing beyond the scrimmage line. By stealing the ball away they can go ahead and score points. There are linemen, linebackers and defensive backs in the defense lineup. Positions and to some extent, functions vary according to the offense and the...


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