Football Offense

A coach may line up his team in a particular formation according to the situation of the game. Players use various passing tactics and techniques to confuse the defenders. Most commonly used formations are the shotgun formation, the wishbone formation, the "I", the single wing, the goal line, the wildcat and the pistol formation. The quarterback invariably gives the signal for start of the play, with the center snapping the ball to the quarterback.

In a running play, the quarterback passes the ball to a player who tries to carry it past the line of scrimmage and gain maximum yardage while the other players run block in an attempt to ward off defensive players from tackling the player carrying the ball. There are different techniques of running play including the plunge/dive, the reverse, the off tackle, the draw, the sweep, the QB sweep, the option, counter, quarterback sneak and power, to name a few of the many possible combinations. Another technique is the passing play with receivers and backs running along pre-determined routes and the quarterback passes the ball to any one of the running players, while the other players block defenders from tackling the quarterback before he throws the ball. Passing plays can help players cover more ground and are used more often. The techniques involve the fly route, out route, button hook, hail Mary, slant route and the screen pass. The offensive team mixes techniques and strategies dictated by the run of play and positioning of the players on the field to their best advantage.



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