Football Overview

American football is a very tough and challenging game, with a lot of hard and bruising physical tackles involved and it calls for strength, speed and agility. However, physical attributes alone do not ensure a win. It is quick, out-of-the-box thinking on the part of the players that helps them create openings and score. This is where years of training and practice as also playing in top leagues around the country help them read the opponent's game and see the weak points. Fast players who think on their feet can see these openings and are quick to exploit it. The quarterback plays a pivotal role in directing the flow of the game, directed by the coach who is the brains of the team.

Like other games, football has evolved in America and has come to be the nation's no. 1 sport, avidly watched on TV, with fans following their team's progress. Coaches occupy the center spot due to the importance of the training methods they employ to help the team win and more importantly, to come up with winning strategies that need to be changed from minute to minute while a game is in progress, contributing to the excitement and fun of watchers.

With over 20 cameras covering the event, the football instant replay feature reviews calls that are in doubt and a coach too can challenge the play by throwing a red flag on the field. A team can call a challenge only twice in a game.



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