Secondary Football Equipment

While the helmet and shoulder pads are important, no less important is the jockstrap. It is made of an elastic material with the pouch made of elasticized cotton . Wide straps of elastic fitted to the pouch on the left and right hand side make a complete thong. The pouch may also be made of hard material to withstand sudden impacts like a blow.

The jersey is usually made of nylon but has stretchable elastic side panels for a snug, close fit, making it difficult for an opponent to get a hold and use it for leverage. Jerseys worn by football players usually have a bottom designed to wrap around and keep it tucked in. A Velcro fastener at the rear bottom edge matches a similar Velcro strip inside the waistband of the pant to keep it firmly in place. Additional fitting is used in the form of an adhesive tape that keeps it firmly glued to the shoulder pads. Jerseys display the logo, number and some other embellishment.

The material of construction of the pants is usually nylon or meshed nylon for hot weather usage, with an elasticized material for a tight fit. Unlike normal pants, football players use a lace up fly to withstand the rough tackles and tumbles. Four pockets are provided on the inner sides to hold thigh and knee pads are also provided for protection. Pants are held tight in place with a belt. Shoes complete the outfit of a footballer and these are usually spiked and called "cleats", helping players from slipping or sliding.



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